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What you should know before getting a body wrap:

There are essentially two types of body wraps in the salon industry; those that create inch loss through water loss or dehydration and "hydrating wraps" that don't make you sweat. Dehydrating wraps usually involve some form of plastic wrap, heat blanket, or "sauna suit" and, like their name suggests, these wraps cause you to essentially sweat off the inches. As you might expect, these inches usually return within hours, as soon as you rehydrate.

The BeautyWrap is a mineral-saturated compression body wrap; you won't sweat at all during the process. Our Infinity, Serenity, and Vitality wraps create visible inch loss by stimulating the clinically-documented process of lymphatic drainage, where toxins and fatty acids from your cells are released into the capillaries and eliminated along with the body's waste through the body's lymphatic system; similar to MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) techniques used in advanced forms of massage therapy.

Unlike dehydrating wraps, drinking water before our wraps is recommended, to facilitate the process of detoxification. While the immediate results of compression wraps may not be as dramatic as what can be achieved through dehydration, the results with our wraps will be much more long-lasting.

Can you really lose inches?

Inch loss with any body wrap is significantly influenced by your total percentage of body fat, with body types having over 30% body fat achieving the most dramatic results. In general, those with at least 20% or greater body fat will typically look 6 - 20 inches slimmer after their first wrap. For the lymphatic drainage process to be effective, the whole body must be wrapped by a trained wrap technician. This is also why "spot wraps" (wrapping just one part of the body) are ineffective and create only temporary, if any, inch loss.

How can you be sure the inch loss isn't just water loss?
As explained earlier, unlike wraps that raise your body temperature causing you to sweat, you won't sweat at all during the BeautyWrap process. In fact, you'll be cool for the better part of an hour. Our breathable wrap wear is specifically designed NOT to make you sweat, but to help you retain core body heat and keep you from getting too cool during the hour-long process.  

Can you lose weight with a BeautyWrap?
A slimmer appearance, not weight loss, is what the BeautyWrap is designed for. However, it's actually not uncommon to loss a few pounds during your wrap, so any weight you lose in the process is a bonus.

How many wraps will it take to meet your goals?
It generally takes about 10 wraps to appear a dress size smaller. To maximize the results, you should schedule a wrap once a week, until your objectives and goals are met. From that point on, maintenance wraps are recommended about once a month. For special occasions, such as weddings, multiple wraps in a day will give you dramatic results in a single visit.

What does the BeautyWrap do for skin?
Your skin will appear smoother and tighter after even your first wrap. You can expect to experience the firming and lifting effects all over, but particularly in the areas of the mid-section, buttocks, hips, thighs, and upper arms. The results you achieve on all subsequent wraps should be fairly consistent with those of your first wrap.  Many BeautyWrap clients see particularly dramatic results after weight loss or pregnancy.

Can the BeautyWrap help with a double-chin or sagging jaw line?
Yes it can. Part of the BeautyWrap process can involve wrapping the face. The same tightening and toning process that helps your entire body also helps these problem areas on your face. See more...

Going beyond just inch loss.
Is body wrapping just a fad or craze? The art of body wrapping has actually been around for centuries. Ancient Egyptians used aromatic, herb-infused compresses, and body wrap supplies of that era consisted of papyrus leaves steeped in natural, detoxifying ingredients, applied warm to the skin. After becoming popular in Europe in the early 60s, co-ed body wrap salons began springing up in Hollywood. Mainstream popularity grew in the last decade with national media attention from popular daytime talk shows.

The benefits go beyond inch loss:
With the focus shifting from just weight loss to prevention and fitness, people are now looking for natural ways to jump start their diet, detoxify their bodies, or as an alternative to other wellness or fitness activities. Body wraps can be great for relaxation or stress relief, to help increase circulation, soothe muscles and joints, and have even been found effective in easing menstrual discomfort. 

In the last decade, massage therapy practices and med spa numbers have soared as they've added body wraps to their menu of services. And as of 2006, lower lumbar compression wraps can even be covered by most health insurance policies; making it even easier to make the BeautyWrap a key component in your anti-aging program.