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The Power of Pure Minerals

Our mineral products contain only 100% pharmaceutical-grade minerals manufactured in the USA according to strict GMP standards in an FDA-registered facility.

Our Minerals:
To perform a great body wrap, you have to start with the highest-grade minerals; and all minerals are the same. There are actually three grades of minerals on the market. Each of these can produce a body wrap treatment, but not all of these products will produce equivalent or consistent results.
Mineral Grades
USP or NF grade are the highest grade minerals available, with purity levels that meet or exceed requirements set by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP). 

Both "Lab" or "Tech" grade (also called Food grade) minerals contain higher levels of impurities which impact both the effectiveness, consistency, and potential safety of your wrap.

BeautyWrap Infinity mineral powder and MSM Additive contain only the world's most pure, organic, and naturally occurring minerals, which give your skin its maximum benefits, without irritating any skin type. Although other lower-grade minerals are widely used in the industry, our pharmaceutical-grade minerals blends give your clients amazing results every time, creating long-term repeat business for you.

Our Manufacturing Process:
All of our mineral products are manufactured in an FDA-registered cosmetics facility, using our exclusive manufacturing process; where these raw minerals are ribbon-pounded to the finest granularity.

This process produces a soft mineral powder similar to the look and consistency of baby powder, which when mixed, dissolves in water within seconds to a crystal clarity.

Our minerals give you the flexibility to customize wraps for your clients, while always producing the same great inch-loss characteristics.

Safety and Quality Control:

Our mineral blends are lab-tested after the manufacturing process to ensure they are free of impurities and microbial contaminants. They are then dated for shelf-life, lot-numbered, and sealed before being shipped for distribution.

Buyer Beware - Many inferior body wrap products are never tested at all. If the product doesn't have a lot number, it may not have been tested, so always ask the supplier about their manufacturing and safety assurance process before using a product on your clients.

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Manufacturing the ONLY line of (USP/NF) pharmaceutical-grade mineral body wrap products available. The BeautyWrap is the perfect compliment to your existing salon services.

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